Discerning My Vocation: Where are all the Married Saints?

Growing up in a Catholic home-school family, I often read stories about the saints—stories of great men and women dedicating their lives to God in extraordinary ways. They would leave behind all their possessions to the poor, fast for long periods of time, practice acts of self-denial, and spend hours each day in meditation and…

The Home of My Soul

My shoes clap on the sidewalk and my backpack thumps in rhythm as I walk, humming the song singing in my head and pounding through my feet: “God, you are good to me, good to me…” I reach the road and a map of Franciscan University—and remember the first time I had looked at it,…

My Testimony Part 3: Our Living Spirit

If you missed part 2, you can read it here. College: Discovering the Power of the Spirit There are so many amazing stories I could tell from my precious years at Franciscan University. Now that I’m graduating with my B.A. in writing (and in the midst of this pandemic nonetheless), I will always treasure those…

My Testimony Part 2: Christ Our Savior and Lover

If you missed part 1, you can read it here. Early High School: Trusting Christ Our Savior Throughout middle school and into high school, I continued to pray to God as my Father and started to come to understand Christ and the beauty of the cross. It was sometime during this time period that I…

My Testimony Part 1: Our Heavenly Mother and Father

God has used may moments in my life to draw me into an ever deeper relationship with Him. It’s mind-blowing to look back at these experiences and see how God can reveal Himself to us personally as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—how He can lead us to Him through His mother and as our Father, Lover, and Living Spirit.

A Breaking Open: Images from Prayer

During my last holy hour of the week (an hour of prayer before Christ in the Eucharist), I sat in silence and asked the Lord to show me one word, thought, or image that He wanted me to focus on. After a moment of closing my eyes and clearing my mind, I got what I asked for.

Why Beloved Dreamer?

Christ loves me—He loves all of us—just the way we are. Little else matters because His love is all we need. It’s easy to get lost in endless questions, but the truth is: we don’t need all the answers.