Marriage in the Image of God

“In the face of a society that has lost sight of the profound meaning of marital intimacy,” we as Christians need to not merely condemn the modern culture, but impress on our culture a positive sense of its sacredness. Marriage is made in the image of God–in the image of the Trinity and of Christ’s love for His Church–in the image of a love that is a free, total, faithful, and fruitful gift of oneself.

One High Priest, One Sacrifice

Christ–the one High Priest and one Sacrifice–acts through the priests of His Catholic Church. When the priest consecrates the bread and wine, it is Jesus who offers Himself to us, saying: “This is my Body, which is given up for you.” And when we go to Confession, it is Jesus who says: “Your sins are forgiven–go in peace.”

A Witness to Oral Tradition in the Early Church: St. Irenaeus

St. Irenaeus, a bishop from the second century who had a close association with the apostles, writes explicitly about the need to rely on the Church’s oral tradition in order to interpret Sacred Scripture and combat heresy. Here, and in the circumstances of the time, we can see that the early Christians did not believe in relying on the Bible alone, but respected and needed the authority of the Catholic Church, just as we need it today.

7 Reasons Why Catholics Believe in Sacred Tradition, Not the Bible Alone

“Sacred Scripture is the written testimony of the divine Word, the canonical memory that attests to the event of Revelation. However, the Word of God precedes the Bible and surpasses it. That is why the centre of our faith isn’t just a book, but a salvation history and above all a person, Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh.” – Pope Francis

A Letter to My Protestant Friends

First of all, thank you. Thank you for your passion for the faith and dedication to Christ. Thank you for your love for God and your zeal for sharing His gospel that I often admire. As for us Catholics, I am truly sorry if any of us have acted in any uncharitable way or have said or done anything that is not in accordance with Christ’s teaching. However, being as such, these actions don’t accurately represent the intention of the Church or her true teachings, which I truly believe are faithful to the teachings of Christ.

Pope Francis’ Statements on Homosexual Unions: How Should Catholics Respond?

In a recent documentary, Francesco, the Pope’s comments regarding homosexual civil unions has brought much confusion and even seeming scandal to the Catholic Church, making many question whether the Church might be changing its doctrine on homosexuality. But this is far from the truth; we need only to examine the context and nature of this statement in order to understand its original meaning and the level of authority it has over Catholics.