Marriage in the Image of God

“In the face of a society that has lost sight of the profound meaning of marital intimacy,” we as Christians need to not merely condemn the modern culture, but impress on our culture a positive sense of its sacredness. Marriage is made in the image of God–in the image of the Trinity and of Christ’s love for His Church–in the image of a love that is a free, total, faithful, and fruitful gift of oneself.

Discerning My Vocation: Where are all the Married Saints?

Growing up in a Catholic home-school family, I often read stories about the saints—stories of great men and women dedicating their lives to God in extraordinary ways. They would leave behind all their possessions to the poor, fast for long periods of time, practice acts of self-denial, and spend hours each day in meditation and…

A Breaking Open: Images from Prayer

During my last holy hour of the week (an hour of prayer before Christ in the Eucharist), I sat in silence and asked the Lord to show me one word, thought, or image that He wanted me to focus on. After a moment of closing my eyes and clearing my mind, I got what I asked for.

Unity in the Eucharist

As a Catholic, the Eucharist is very dear to my heart, and it saddens me that other Christians don’t get to experience this incredible mystery. It is such an incredible gift. God gives Himself to us in a very beautiful and intimate way—literally gives Himself to us, body and blood. Personally, I am very much…