Lord Have Mercy on Us and Our Modern World

Reading the psalms, I was struck by this terrifying fact: Our modern world is repeating the same sins of the Israelites’ times. Today, many Catholics and other Christians are turning from God, whether intentionally or by their actions, just as the Israelites did. We fall for the lies that the devil speaks through the culture around us–We serve their idols, fall into their sins, commit their atrocities… However–Our hope lies in Christ.

A Letter to My Protestant Friends

First of all, thank you. Thank you for your passion for the faith and dedication to Christ. Thank you for your love for God and your zeal for sharing His gospel that I often admire. As for us Catholics, I am truly sorry if any of us have acted in any uncharitable way or have said or done anything that is not in accordance with Christ’s teaching. However, being as such, these actions don’t accurately represent the intention of the Church or her true teachings, which I truly believe are faithful to the teachings of Christ.

The Home of My Soul

My shoes clap on the sidewalk and my backpack thumps in rhythm as I walk, humming the song singing in my head and pounding through my feet: “God, you are good to me, good to me…” I reach the road and a map of Franciscan University—and remember the first time I had looked at it,…

A Breaking Open: Images from Prayer

During my last holy hour of the week (an hour of prayer before Christ in the Eucharist), I sat in silence and asked the Lord to show me one word, thought, or image that He wanted me to focus on. After a moment of closing my eyes and clearing my mind, I got what I asked for.

Semester in Austria

So, I stopped posting these past few months, and here’s why… I’ve been studying abroad in Austria! The picture above is of the old Cartesian monastery which I and about 200 other students called home. I decided that I would not be writing posts over this semester because I wanted to stay focused on school…

God Loves You—Talk with Him!

In case you haven’t yet heard this yet, or need a reminder: Jesus loves you. Always, no matter what, without limitation. He’s real, and He’s always waiting for you to let Him into your life. He died on the cross–endured so much suffering–to pay our debt and to allow us to come home, and He…

Why Beloved Dreamer?

Christ loves me—He loves all of us—just the way we are. Little else matters because His love is all we need. It’s easy to get lost in endless questions, but the truth is: we don’t need all the answers.