Lord Have Mercy on Us and Our Modern World

Reading the psalms, I was struck by this terrifying fact: Our modern world is repeating the same sins of the Israelites’ times. Today, many Catholics and other Christians are turning from God, whether intentionally or by their actions, just as the Israelites did. We fall for the lies that the devil speaks through the culture around us–We serve their idols, fall into their sins, commit their atrocities… However–Our hope lies in Christ.

Did the Early Christians Have a Church Hierarchy?

As I’ve started graduate Theology classes, it’s been amazing to see how Church History is relevant to today, how the Catholic Church has stayed fundamentally the same since the time of the Early Church. I understand that many issues I mention will be controversial for non-Catholics, and while I respect and often admire other Christians,…

Value in Virtue Part 3: The Productivity Mindset

Welcome to part three of The Value in Virtue series! If you missed the last two blog posts, go read Part 1: Our Desire for Beauty and Part 2: Our Desire for Strength. The Productivity Mindset There is currently a trend in our culture to be constantly productive. This is especially true for type-A, perfectionistic,…

Value in Virtue Part 2: Our Desire for Strength

The last post spoke about woman’s desire for beauty, and how external beauty complements a much more important inner beauty (Missed it? You can read it here.) Now we’re going to talk about man’s desire for strength, and how physical strength complements a much more important inner strength.

Value in Virtue Part 1: Our Desire for Beauty

Our culture idolizes beauty, strength, and productivity. Women want to be attractive, men want to be powerful, and everyone wants to be successful. (Of course this is a generalization of what men and women tend toward; I am aware that men want to be attractive too, and women strong.) We want to feel wanted, important,…