Why Life is Worth Living

One day, I was enjoying a nice nap–but then I woke up. I knew it was time to get up, but I was so comfortable… I was about to start fighting that internal battle like usual. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. But in that moment God whispered a wonderful bit of inspiration to my heart. It was that little piece that I had not fully understood yet, that I needed to motivate me to move and get up and do something with my life–the answer to that question, “Why is daily life worth living?”

Life is worth it because it leads us to Jesus.

This time, by the grace of God, I got up instantly.

Life is worth living because, when we live it right, it leads us to Jesus. It was a kiss of the Holy Spirit. It was the Holy Father saying, “wake up, my child, I have something special to show you. You are not living life alone. And you are living life for a reason. You have a purpose. You have a purpose WORTH LIVING. Not a purpose to fight against, ignore, or begrudgingly accept–a wonderful, life-giving, beautiful, exciting, VALUABLE purpose that we should run to every single day, every single moment!”

Life is worth living, the day is worth living, this moment is worth living out, sleeping when it is time to rest, listening when it is time to listen, and moving when it is time to act! All because Jesus paid for my sins when He died on the cross so He could welcome me into Heaven, so that my life would have purpose–the purpose of racing to Him, finding Him in every moment, falling in love with Him, and finally, when I am finished loving Him with all I have, with all my life, with all my strength, mind, heart, and soul, and I let go of this life on earth, He will lovingly sweep my soul up in His arms and lift me up into Heaven to live in complete harmony, complete unity, complete joy and peace and love with Him forever. No more suffering. No more temptation. No more confusion. Only love, joy, peace, light, truth, life, and all things good–all things God.

Do you doubt this? Be still and open your heart to God. Allow Him to enter and speak to your soul, and you will know Jesus is real. He is alive. And He wants you. He thirsts for you. He thirsts to love you. He thirsts for your love. He thirsts to give you a purpose, a life full of hope and peace and even joy. And eternal life with no suffering. Eternal life with Him.

He thirsts for you–not for perfection, but for you in whatever state you are in. And He thirsts to change that state, to give you more, to give you a life worth living, to give you eternal life, to give you His life, to give you His heart.

We should always strive to see God in every moment, not physically or even always emotionally but in the million different ways that He shows us His Love–the million ways He shows His truth, beauty, and goodness. The more we open our hearts and allow God in, the more we will see how deeply He loves us and wants us, and the more we will want to love God more in return, be open to Him more, giving Him more of our heart and our lives.

That is the purpose of life on earth. That is the purpose of my life, and your life, and every single moment we are alive.

God bless and keep you,

~Beloved Dreamer~

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