A Letter to My Protestant Friends

Dear Protestant Friends:

First of all, thank you. Thank you for your passion for the faith and dedication to Christ. Thank you for your love for God and your zeal for sharing His gospel that I often admire. As for us Catholics, I am truly sorry if any of us have acted in any uncharitable way or have said or done anything that is not in accordance with Christ’s teaching. However, being as such, these actions don’t accurately represent the intention of the Church or her true teachings, which I truly believe are faithful to the teachings of Christ. And I hope you have also met some of the growing number of Catholics, like many from my university and other Catholic schools, who are passionate about the Faith, who want to share what the Church really teaches (since there are often misunderstandings), and who strive to live a life for Christ. I hope you may also learn from the plenitude of holy examples of Catholics from every age throughout history, those who dedicated themselves fully to Christ, for many even at the cost of their lives.

All that being said: I pray that you will come home to the Catholic Church.

Does that sound pushy? Maybe it is. We tend to shy away from ever saying anything that might sound like we are pushing our beliefs or theological opinions on someone else. And while I respect the people who have different beliefs than me, and believe that everyone is equally valuable and should be treated with Christian love, I’ve realized that this doesn’t mean I should refrain from sharing what I sincerely believe to be the truth. In fact, if we wish to love others as Christ loved, we should wish every person to know the full truth, since this is for our ultimate good. As Jesus said: “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (John 14:16). Evidently, knowing the truth is an important part of knowing Christ. And Timothy speaks of how “God our savior … wills everyone to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth.” (1 Timothy 2:3-4). God wishes us to know the whole truth, especially in the matters of Faith which are the very purpose of our lives. Thus, we have a duty to not only seek the truth for ourselves, but also share that truth with others for their benefit.

That is why I write so much about Catholicism–because I truly believe that the Catholic Church is the same Church first established by Christ–because I truly believe, not only by faith but also as I have been studying the biblical and historical evidence supporting it, that this is the only Church that has fully preserved the teachings of Christ. If the Catholic Church is truly the one, original church founded by Christ and that has faithfully passed down His teachings, then what it teaches is not merely our theological opinions, but the objective truth revealed to us by God.

I earnestly desire that you would come to share in the truth and beauty and abundance of blessings that God has bestowed on us through His Catholic Church—to come to know not only the partial truth that all Christians have in their knowledge of Christ as savior, but the fullness of truth, and to receive all of the spiritual assistance that God wishes to bestow on us through His Church.

Since I cannot lay down all the reasons to be Catholic in this single letter and do them justice, I hope you will read some of these articles that address the various aspects of the faith, such as:

The Eucharist

For me personally, one of the main reasons that I could never leave the Catholic Church is that we are able to receive the Eucharist–the bread and wine which we believe truly becomes the body and blood of Christ at Mass (though nothing changes to our senses). Thus, only in Catholicism can we receive Christ Himself in such an intimate way–how could anyone give that up?

You can read more about what we believe about the Eucharist and the biblical and historical support for this belief in my various posts on the Eucharist here.

The Catholic Church as Founded by Christ

The reason we trust the authority of the Catholic Church, though, is that we believe this is the same Church that Christ founded, and one reason to believe this is because of the biblical and historical evidence that the church of the early Christians did indeed have a hierarchy that is essentially the same as the Catholic Church of today (if on a smaller scale)–as I discuss in this article.

The Catholic Veneration of Mary

Finally, another reason why Catholicism is great is that we have Mary as a holy example, spiritual mother, and intercessor before God. If you have doubts about the Catholic Church because of our veneration of Mary, please see my friend’s article: Why Do Catholics Venerate Mary? A Comprehensive Overview (this website also provides many other articles that may help to clarify Catholicism). I hope that this will bring some clarity about how we do not actually worship Mary, why and how we venerate her, and the biblical support for this.

Of course, I will also be continuing to write articles as I want to share with you, even just a little at a time, the reasons why I believe in and love Catholicism.

And finally—please, if you ever have any questions or want to discuss anything about the Catholic Faith (or if you would like me to pray for you in any way), do not hesitate to reach out to me.

May God bless you and keep you!

~Beloved Dreamer~

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