Going Home: The Book Of Numbers & The Resurrection

Last Lent (the 40 days of preparation for Easter), I decided to start reading the Bible every day again, and read it from start to finish. As Easter was nearing, I was just finishing up reading Numbers, as the Israelites near Canaan. I thought it was so appropriate then—but even though it’s not Easter time any more, what I realized back then is a good reminder for any time of our lives.

The Israelites spent 40 years on their journey to the Promised Land—a time of waiting and learning to trust. They failed many times, and many times fell away from God and suffered the necessary consequences. But God did not give up on saving His people; if they repented, He forgave and continued to lead them to their new home.

This journey is like the season of Lent, so it’s perfect that they were getting to the Promised Land just as we were nearing Easter—they came to their Promised Land as we can now come home to Heaven because of Christ’s death and Resurrection.

Also, we should remember that God too went through a time of waiting, trial, and suffering. He went to the wilderness for 40 days; and He gave his whole life also as a sacrifice. In a way His life was a time of waiting for the final greatest sacrifice (which would fulfill the old law, would cover the need that the Israelites had to constantly make sacrifices for sins) and finally the Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven, the true Promised Land.

In this way, not just Lent, but also each of our lives, life in general on earth, is a time of waiting and preparation. So whether you currently have a fruitful spiritual life or wish you spent your time better, you still have plenty of time. Our life on earth is meant to be a time of preparation, of learning to trust and love God. It’s never too late.

Will we spend it like many of the Israelites did in worrying and complaining, or will we trust in God? Because if we trust, love, and follow Him, He WILL take care of us and lead us home to the land He has promised us by His sacrifice and Resurrection. And when we do fall in faith and sin, will we despair and be destroyed by the consequences of our actions, or will we ask forgiveness and accept God’s merciful love for us once again?

God bless and keep you,

~~Beloved Dreamer~~

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