A Prayer of Peace and Trust

One day as I was sitting in Adoration before the blessed Eucharist, trying to let go of my anxieties about the day, God put this prayer in my heart. I can turn back to this to remind me to trust Him, to focus on loving and following Him and to let Him take care of everything else.

What God spoke to my heart:

Remain in me,

Love outwardly,

And I will take care of everything

Remain in me

Look for beauty

And I will show you all you need

Remain in me

Live honestly

And I will hear your every plea

Remain in me

Love justice and peace

And all My love will set you free

Remain in me

Live humility

And I’ll fulfill your every dream

My response:

Keep me close

Love through me

Help me to give You everything

Keep me close

Show me beauty

Show me a life worth living

Keep me close

Show me truth in deeds

Heed and answer my questions and pleas

Keep me close

Bring justice and peace

Have mercy on weakness and set me free

Keep me close

Teach me humility

Grant peace in my heart and in my dreams

God bless and keep you,

~~Beloved Dreamer~~

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