YOU are God’s Treasure: Respect Yourself

Let me tell you something:

YOU are God’s treasure.

We all are the greatest treasures to God, body and soul. But like any treasure, it should not be brought out into the open, and shown to everyone. Why? Because you may be tempting others to steal it, to sin against you, and are therefore committing a sin yourself. Now, true, it is the other’s choice whether to sin, but we do not wish to be a stumbling block, a difficulty to another, but to build each other up, to truly love and respect each other. You are God’s treasure, and must respect yourself, especially as a child of God and as a temple of the Holy Spirit. For The sake of yourself, God, and others:

Be modest.

But nor are you to keep a treasure hidden away, but used for good—this can only happen once. You cannot take a treasure that is already given away in love and give it away again.

And it is a lie to promise someone a treasure that you are not willing to fully give.

Therefore, I plead:

Be modest. Be honest.

God created you and “He saw that it was very good!”

You get what I’m saying? If not, I’ll say it loud and clear:

Our sexuality is a gift from God to be guarded and respected. The marital act is a beautiful gift which is meant to be highly respected as only given to the one you promise your life to, who promises their life to you. This is because God created us this way, because Jesus blessed it as a Sacrament at the Wedding of Cana, and most of all, because it is a symbol of the complete union of the Trinity. It reflects how the love between two persons is so great that it creates a third person. That is why it is meant to be free, total, faithful, and fruitful. It is a total, free gift, faithfully given only to each other, and fruitful with the wonderful gift of life. God did not intend this gift of marriage to be anything less.

This is the basics of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

If you’re interested in a brief but powerful summary of this document, I highly recommend Jason Evert’s Theology of the Body in One Hour. It is easy to understand yet full of deep truths that would be revolutionary if our culture understood them.

Evert says, “Today’s sexual confusion is not caused because the world glorifies sexuality, but because the world fails to see its glory.”

God bless and keep you,

~~Beloved Dreamer~~

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