Jesus Thirsts for Love

No matter what, Jesus loves you and me, individually, infinitely more than we can imagine. It is true, it is real, and yet somehow easy to forget, which is why we must always come to Jesus, talk to Him in prayer, and especially listen to Him in the words of the Bible and in our hearts.

Today I wanted to share with you a meditation by Mother Theresa, which I heard for the first time several years ago at the Steubenville Catholic Youth Conference. It’s called “I Thirst,” and I believe Christ really speaks through it to tell each of us personally how much He loves us and desires our love. This is why He said “I thirst” on the cross–He thirsted for love. It is a breathtaking reminder of how much He loves us, cares for us, wants us, watches over us, waits for us, and Thirsts for us to come to Him.

Click to access Jesus-I-Thirst.pdf

You may also be able to find a spoken version on YouTube.

God bless and keep you,

~ Beloved Dreamer

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